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Young Money

Curated by Michael Ruiz
Future Gallery, Berlin. May 26 - June 16, 2012.

With hypercontemporary found object installation and remix video, this exhibition indulges in the valorization of youth and newness in both art and the internet. Some like it hot, some like it sloshy.
Debuting on www.intimatecrust.com,
Young Money is a remix video that divulges Chan's critical fantasies of white masculinity in relation to the internet.

keywords: white, boys, pizza, man, bromance, point of view, art, voyeur, american, catharsis, hole, glory, ebonics, taste, young, how to get rich, money, silver, gold, splosh, splash, wet look, hip hop, truth, burning,

baby pool floating pizza installation jennifer chan

pizza pool water glitter young money future gallery
list oliver laric instant domain name search recommendations cum hungry pizza shirt

Instant Domain Name Search

laser print, acrylic sheet, 29.7 x 42 cm

List of available domain names
verified by www.instantdomainnamesearch.com

faddy potted plant crash timur siqin katja novi jennifer chan

glitter glory hole pile vacuum bag plinth sucks sucked sculpture jennifer chan

glory hole glitter jennifer chan

TV installation young money Jennifer Chan

Young Money, single channel digital video, 2012, 8:45

also online at http://www.intimatecrust.com, 4min.

money salad future gallery hole glory young money Jennifer Chan




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